Beginner class

New classes start November 14th


 5 weeks in length, max 6 dogs min 4 dogs

 Cost- $189+gst per dog 

Age requirement: at least 6 months of age with no previous  training. 

  Cues to be taught :

  •  Sit

  •  Down

  •  Stay 

  •  Come when called  

  •  Loose leash walking

  •  Leave it

  •  Wait

  •  Focus

Will also cover basic manners, impulse control, redirection, proper socialization, and effective communication.

Additional Information:

  • Any flat, rolled, no-slip(martingale), or face(halti) collar is acceptable as well as a body or no-pull harness

  • Absolutely NO choke chain, prong, pinch or electronic collars will be permitted!

  • Any 4-6 foot non-retractable, non-chain leash is approved