Daycare & Boarding Rates

Is your dog spending a lot of time at home during the day? Does your dog need a way to burn energy in a healthy, non-destructive way?

Daycare leads to happy healthy dogs and owners. In addition, socialization allows them to become well adjusted, better behaved family members and canine citizens. 

Do you want a place where your dog can socialize and play in comfortable, clean surroundings? Come to Wag'n'Woof playgroup and doggy day care! If you have to leave your dog at home alone due to work, school, or any other reason, our dog day care in New Westminster is the perfect solution. Dogs left home alone often become depressed, destructive, or noisy. Spending time in day care provides great exercise for dogs and is the perfect opportunity to socialize with other pups and people. Playing and interacting with other dogs is not only fun, but is scientifically proven to help teach good manners and build confidence.


Price list (Excluding GST)


Full Day (over 5 hours)

Drop-in:                                               33.00

5-Day:                                                157.50

10-Days:                                           300.00

15-Days:                                           412.50

20-Day:                                             510.00

Half Day (up to 5 hours)

Drop-in:                                               25.50

5-Day:                                                120.00

10-Days:                                           193.00

15-Days:                                           262.00

20-Day:                                             302.00



Unlimited Monthly Pass:           458.00


*     All packages expire after 6 months

**   50% off second dog from the same family

***  Late pickup charges may apply


Boarding (nightly rate)

1-3 nights                                      60.00/night

4-10 nights                                    55.00/night

11+nights                                       50.00/night

 Pick up after 10AM                       20.00 on last day


We offer kennel-free boarding based on employee availability.

Your dog will never be left alone!

*For safety reasons, we only offer boarding to dogs currently attending daycare.

Please contact us to get signed up!