We don’t forget our people either!

 Our daycare specializes in the care of dogs but we also care for you, our humans. We work to provide you with a pleasing experience each and every time you visit.


So come on in and try us out.

We look forward to meeting you!

Doggy Daycare for small dogs,Wag'n'Woof New Westminster

Our goal and vision at Wag 'n' Woof  is to provide you with the best all around care for your dogs. We strive to create and foster an environment that promotes your dog’s mental and physical well being.  Our daycare employs people that have a great interest in canine behavior and of course, a great love for dogs.

Much like a children’s daycare, your dog will receive structured activity during the day, along with much play. Your dogs will have a great time with their “dog mates” as they learn, socialize and exercise.

Wag 'n' Woof Doggy Daycare is a learning environment for both dogs and people.  We strive to promote the bond between yourself and your dog by assisting you with questions that you may have about the care and behavior of your pet.  We also strive to incorporate canine behavior research into facilitating an environment that is conducive to fostering a healthy, happy dog.  We welcome client suggestions for an improved daycare experience.